Smart Security

No need to scream when you know your home is protected by SMART SOLUTIONS.

Safe home is a must


      Leaving your home’s safety in the hands of security firm, we have doubts if the patrol arrives fast enough to prevent the burglary. It is worth it to equip your house, so it can signal the intrusion and effectively deter the burglars itself before the security patrol arrives. When the alarm system detects undesired motion or window opening, your home will be visible and audible from a distance thanks to the lighting and sound alarm. In this situation, the burglars immediately stop any attempts of entering your home and your possessions are safe.

Combine CCTV and intelligent detection.


Video Surveillance

Smart Security solution allows you to monitor what happening in your home anytime and anywhere you want.

Smart Motion Sensor

Smart Security solution will sent you the notification on smartphone immediately when someone moving in your home.

Smart Door/Windows Sensor

Door/Windows Sensor in our Smart Security solution designed to detect the unauthorized opening and closure of doors or windows

Easy to use.


Wherever & Whenever

Control the system and monitoring your home anytime, anywhere by application on your mobile.

Tailored specially to you

Can be customized and fitted accordingly to your needs with the selection of devices for different environments.

Protect from invisible danger

Home protection with sensor for detecting the invisible danger immediately sends you the notification about the danger

More than Security

The intelligent sensors not only using for the smart security but can use with lighting system. Very Smart!

Specially to you.


Starts 19,900 Baht*
Starts 15,900 Baht*

*The Pricing is depend on customer’s devices selection.

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